Clash of the Titans

Earlier this year when Mu Brewery opened, I did the likeness of this in masking tape, and it took up the whole wall. I really liked the idea of a beer loving robot racing towards the Keg Of Mu, trying to beat the same likeminded dragon. So, I decided to paint it up for a […]


Working on another animal. I am happy with what I’ve done so far. More to come down the road. Size is 14″ x 11″


I found a new color. It’s a fluorescent¬†orange. And I loves it yesss, it’s…it’s… precioussss to me. Seriously though, this orange when you see it in person, really pops. Size is 36″ x 12″

The Jackalope Prince

Yes, they exist, they have 2 handed carrot peelers for weapons and they are formidable. Who shall reckon with royalty of this mythical creature? WHO????

Nice Sound!

It’s always pleasant to find music you dig.

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