Hello from up Hi

Hello from up Hi I’m starting to paint a bit differently. I’m taking some cues from some other paintings that I haven’t shown here as of yet. It makes for a softer type of a painting, and I hope you like it. Are you on my mailing list? Please click below if that interests you. […]

I Have Something to Say

I Have Something to Say There are many ways to communicate, and for this guy, he’s broadcasting his thoughts. Can you hear them? I’ve been playing around in a new style, one more subdued but also alot more colorful. It’s hard to tell from this photo, but in person, the colors are alot more vibrant […]


Friendzoned! Can I get a witness? Yah. But I gotta say, that creating this guy was an aboslute blast AND a step in a direction I’ve been wanting to go in. And all it took was a little bit of playing. I think I’ll blog about the process elsewhere instead of boring you here with […]

Follow the Ball

Follow the Ball Another version of a fluffy creature entranced by “the ball” Not a subscriber to my mailing list? Click here to join

Gimme Four

Gimme Four SLAP THE HAND! Not a subscriber to my mailing list? Click here to join