Drat these short arms!

Gearing up for my second show this year at The Coffee Place in Aurora, the owner asked if I could make a character for a coffee mug. And since the holiday season is approaching, I went with a present theme and a T-Rex that will do anything he can to open his present, because, you know, […]

Getting Lost

Another painting that came from writing letters long distance to my love, this one is about getting lost in story. It doesn’t matter who or what you are, the power of a good story can get any of us lost in it’s tale. I liked it enough to make some products too, so, do you have […]

I Get To Carry Her Books

Inspired by my girlfriend, a writer, who lives far away, I drew this for her. As a lover of story, we have that in common. And I have the beard in common with him. I count it a privilege to get to carry her books. I do. Got a phone that needs a case, and like this […]

Hello from up Hi

I’m starting to paint a bit differently. I’m taking some cues from some other paintings that I haven’t shown here as of yet. It makes for a softer type of a painting, and I hope you like it.

I Have Something to Say

There are many ways to communicate, and for this guy, he’s broadcasting his thoughts. Can you hear them? I’ve been playing around in a new style, one more subdued but also alot more colorful. It’s hard to tell from this photo, but in person, the colors are alot more vibrant and deep. I also chose […]


Can I get a witness? Yah. But I gotta say, that creating this guy was an absolute blast AND a step in a direction I’ve been wanting to go in. And all it took was a little bit of playing. I think I’ll blog about the process elsewhere instead of boring you here with it. […]

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